Wednesday, 8 June 2016

To WOW or not to WoW!

So here we are with the Warcraft film set to hit the US, I'm sat pondering another visit to the world of Azeroth. It wouldn't be my first visit, I've tried on numerous occasions to get a feel for it but its never been quite the right fit, like a pair of shoes that you really like the look of but despite them having your size & the customer service being excellent they just aren't right.

It will fit, it will!

It's player base amazes me, not only due to it's size but also that so many people share a love for the lore & game world. I played the hell out of the old RTS back in the day but during what I expect most fans would call WoW's heyday I was just busy rolling through life so didn't have the opportunity to either play or be sucked into its realms.

This is where my conundrum comes in though.
When I have tried to play WoW I cant say that ive been that enthralled by what it has to offer but it still lurks there attempting to woo me in, like a sailor drawn to a mermaid on the rocks I turn my head every time its mentioned.

I suppose what I find captivating about it is that despite the MMO genre being flooded with titles left, right & centre there it still stands towering over all. Maybe not in terms of gameplay mechanics anymore but its certainly held in high regard by many for various reasons.

Is it just the rose tinted spectacles of yesteryear that help maintain that? I don't want people taking that as a negative as its not meant that way. In this current deluge of MMO's I'm in a constant state of searching for a home that will hold sway over me the same way it does over WoW fans so in fact its born out of envy if anything.

So once again I'm tempted in to Azeroth to seek what possibly cannot be found, I don my beard & enter the fray.
Wish me well travellers!

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